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3 Thoughts to “Jon Revusky’s Talk from the Deep Truth Conference, June 2018”

  1. Jacob Gittes

    Quite a good talk. I really liked the analysis of narrative, and how myth and stories become reality for people. How do we break people out of this tautological way of thinking? That is, the story proves the story?

    1. Well, it can be difficult. Particularly, in the case of a really big strong guy, it may be necessary to have several people hold him down while another person pries his mouth open and forces the red pill down his throat.

      Oh, hold on… I just remembered… there is no red pill! Drat! Well, I guess that means that I don’t really know the answer to your question about how we break people out of that way of thinking…

      1. mike_p


        But seriously, I really like your idea to focus on plot timelines and continuity, magical story elements etc. Some people who may be too timid to trust their own judgement over that of some crooked “experts” on scientific aspects
        (of 9/11 for example) might be reached that way, and it may empower them to look for plot holes on other stories by themselves.

        BTW one critical comment if I may – I understand your struggle to come to grips with the subject, but you should skip that part in your intro, or at least cut it short. As it is, it might really make people tune out before you get to the substance of your talk.

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