Israel’s Murder, Inc.

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(This article is adapted from the concluding chapter of The Assassination of James Forrestal. )

Occupied Country

Like the Germans we now know how it feelsTo be by foreigners bossed.It’s like we’d fought a big war with Israel,And we had, unfortunately, lost.

Who is strong enough to remove the gun ever-pointed at the White House by the combined hands of supine politicians, the controlled media and the Zionist lobby?  Alfred Lilienthal

From its inception, political Zionism has made great use of terrorism. The following observation is from the biography of General Patrick J. Hurley, who was President Roosevelt’s special envoy to the Middle East in 1943:

While throughout the world Zionism was represented as a religious movement “based on humanitarian concern for a persecuted people,” within Palestine it was a terrorist organization using tribute, coercion and assassination as its weapons. Foreign businesses, including American, operating in Palestine were forced to contribute monthly payments to the Zionist organization’s treasury for permission to remain in business unmolested and un-boycotted. And when Hurley refused to publicly endorse the Zionist movement during his stay in Jerusalem, the personal representative of the United States was threatened with kidnapping and assassination. [David] Ben-Gurion, nominal head of the Zionist movement in Palestine, admitted that he was not sure of his ability to control the terrorist Zionist groups. (p. 193. Emphasis added)

The reader should be reminded that these observations were made and events took place before the assassinations of Lord Moyne and Count Folke Bernadotte, the attempted assassinations of Ernest Bevin and Harry Truman, the bombing of the King David Hotel, and the slaughter of the residents of the village of Deir Yassin and numerous other smaller atrocities around that time, and Qibya in 1953. Contrary to the apparent belief of Albert Einstein and the other signers of that 1948 letter to The New York Times, Menahem Begin’s terrorist Irgun was hardly a minority extremist element within political Zionism.

Canadian author Greg Felton writes persuasively of how the Israeli government under former terrorist and assassin Yitzhak Shamir plotted to assassinate President George H.W. Bush at the Madrid Conference in 1991 because of the pressure that Bush was putting on them to make concessions to the Palestinians, only to have the plot thwarted by the dissident Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky. (The Host and the Parasite, pp. 124-128) Books by Michael Collins Piper and Salvador Astucia complement one another on the involvement of Israel in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Bringing the subject of Israeli assassinations up to date, National Public Radio began a program on January 31, 2018, this way:

This is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. Our guest, Israeli investigative reporter Ronen Bergman, says that Israel has developed the most robust streamlined assassination machine in history. His new book, based on a thousand interviews, chronicles decades of shootings, poisonings, bombings and drone strikes. The targets were perceived enemies of the Jewish state, ranging from British colonial officials in the 1940s to leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO to Iranian nuclear scientists. Bergman describes the planning and approval process for targeted killings, which typically involved young military and intelligence operatives making the case for a strike to the country’s prime minister.

Ronen Bergman is a prominent Israeli journalist and author of Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations. Many of the assassinations that he describes were secret ones, with the deaths made to appear as the result of something other than murder. The Israelis would like to boast that they originated these techniques, but most are right out of the CIA assassination manual.

The names of the victims on the Wikipedia “List of Israeli assassinations” page actually stretches for pages and pages. As of this writing, the site has 268 endnotes. The murderous reach is global. Here are a couple of examples:

Heinz Krug, West German rocket scientist assisting Egypt with its missile program. On September 11, 1962, he was abducted from his company offices on Munich’s Schillerstrasse. His body was never found. Swiss police later arrested two Mossad agents for threatening the daughter of another scientist and found that they were responsible for the killing.

Syrian General Muhammad Suleiman, National Security Advisor and Presidential Advisor for Arms Procurement and Strategic Weapons. He was, “killed by sniper fire to the head and neck. Israel denied responsibility for the killing but was widely suspected of involvement. According to an NSA intercept published by Wikileaks, the NSA defined it as the ‘first known instance of Israel targeting a legitimate government official.’”

Most of the assassination victims have been Palestinians, of course, many of them important leaders, and the list stretches on at truly sickening length.

FRESH AIR’s Dave Davies manages to shine a light on the mentality behind the Israeli policy of assassinations with the following exchange:

DAVIES: And to what extent do you think the Israeli willingness to embrace targeted assassinations is rooted in the horrors of the Holocaust and a determination to avoid that ever happening again?

BERGMAN: Profoundly. David Ben-Gurion, the most important Jew in the last 1,000 years at least, objected the use of targeted killing [sic]. He said this is not the weapon that the Jewish people should embrace, but that changed after the Holocaust, even before Israel was established as a state. I think that the new Israelis – those who build [sic] the nation, those who built Israel, those who established Israeli Defense Forces and intelligence community – and for that sake, all Israelis – I myself, I’m the son of both Holocaust survivors, both my parents are Holocaust survivors – the new Israelis came from the Holocaust with three main lessons.

The first is that there will always be a gentile, a goy, who is after us to kill us. The second is that the – all the other gentiles, the goyim, are not going to help us. They’re going to stand aside, if not helping the first one. And the third is that we should do everything to have a safe haven, to have a homeland, to have Israel and defend it with whatever price.

That is to say, the Zionist experiment must be defended at the price of the sacrifice of the most basic standards of decency and morality because, as the arch-Zionist Forrestal biographer Arnold Rogow put it, “Jew-baiters and anti-Semites of one variety or the other—Greek, Roman, and Christian—have largely dominated the Gentile world, and as a result that world has been one in which the Jew has always had to move cautiously and, more often than not, live dangerously.” Putting it another way, it’s us against the world, so anything goes. It’s truly chilling that there are people who harbor such atavistic, tribal attitudes, especially when one considers the power that they now wield in the most powerful country in the world.

Perhaps the most important power, mentioned in Chapter 12 of The Assassination of James Forrestal, is thoroughgoing control of the NOMA, the national opinion molding apparatus. Controlling the GAME, the government, academia, the media, and the entertainment, enables control of the NOMA. The media, it should be pointed out, also includes book publishers. Thus, the national eyes remained shut and the national mouth closed when the government kept its feeble official inquiry into James Forrestal’s death secret for 55 years. One need only ask in whose interests was that secrecy. It was certainly not that of the American people. One might as well ask in what one country in the world did the majority of the population favor America’s invasion of Iraq. It was certainly not the United States or Iraq or any of those countries that were fashioned “the coalition of the willing.”

Interestingly, the part of the GAME that gave way with the Forrestal death secrecy was the government when the Navy JAG office released the Willcutts Report to this writer in 2004. Then the ranks closed and with the very tiniest of exceptions, they have all dummied up about it. In this instance, the media include virtually all of what has come to be called the “alternative media” as well, a fact that should really give one pause.

How really important was this assassination and how completely is our information controlled?

James V. Forrestal was a very prominent and popular man in his day. As Under Secretary of the Navy he had overseen the massive procurement effort that furnished the war’s vital weaponry, particularly in the Pacific Theater. But his image went quickly south as shaped by the NOMA when he took his stand against the Zionists.

Also, as noted near the end of “James Forrestal, the Great Patriot,” Forrestal is hardly the only person upon whom the Zionist-controlled NOMA has exercised its power in a very negative fashion. Consider this opening sentence from Wikipedia concerning one of the people on the list of those who have been smeared:

Dorothy Celene Thompson (July 9, 1893 – January 30, 1961) was an American journalist and radio broadcaster, who in 1939 was recognized by Time magazine as the second most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt. She is notable as the first American journalist to be expelled from Nazi Germany in 1934 and as one of the few women news commentators on radio during the 1930s. She is regarded by some as the “First Lady of American Journalism.”

Dorothy Who? Scroll down to the “Fame and controversy” section on Wikipedia and you’ll see what happened:

In 1941, Thompson wrote “Who Goes Nazi?” for Harper’s Magazine. She was a keynote speaker at the Biltmore Conference, and by war’s end was regarded as one of the most effective spokespersons for Zionism. Thompson switched her views round radically after a trip to Palestine in 1945, and ran into difficulties, including accusations of anti-Semitism, which she strongly rebuffed, after being warned that hostility toward Israel was, in the American press world, “almost a definition of professional suicide.” She eventually concluded that Zionism was a recipe for perpetual war.

And as we have seen, she was right, and so were the people who warned her what she, like Forrestal, was in for if she were to stand up for the truth:

Before long, her column and radio programs, her speaking engagements, and her fame were all gone. Today, she has largely been erased from history.

In the coming decades, other Americans were similarly written out of history, forced out of office, their lives and careers destroyed, history was distorted, re-written, erased, bigotry promoted, supremacy disguised, facts replaced by fraud.

Very few people know this history. The excellent books that document it are largely out of print, their facts and very existence virtually unknown to the vast majority of Americans, even those who focus on the Middle East. Instead, false theories have been promulgated, mendacious analyses promoted, chosen authors celebrated, others assigned to oblivion. (Quote from Alison Weir, Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, p.93)

To their great credit, with their widely acclaimed 1992 Forrestal biography, Townsend Hoopes and Douglas Brinkley went a long way toward restoring Forrestal’s reputation, which had been so badly damaged by the journalists Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell and the rest of the pack, and later by the first biographer, Arnold Rogow, and the others that we have mentioned. Their chosen title truly sums up their accurate characterization of one of the greatest public servants this country has ever had, Driven Patriot.

Hoopes and Brinkley also give credit to Forrestal for his farsightedness in urging a more lenient policy toward Japan toward the end of the Pacific War as a means of ending the bloodshed and blocking Soviet penetration into the Far East. They credit him, as well, for coming up with the war-ending clever response to the Japanese offer to surrender that allowed them to keep the Emperor while placating the American public by fashioning the surrender terms as “unconditional.” (For more on this see my article, “Oliver Stone on the Japanese Surrender.”)

But to the people who took his life and to those who covered up his assassination, the great statesman and the great patriot James Forrestal was just another person who stood in the way of their ambitions.

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6 Thoughts to “Israel’s Murder, Inc.”

  1. shelly weiner

    yes, forget about the invasions, wars, suicide bombings dhild murders etc

    turn the other cheek, return murder with a kind smile, —the arab countries mean you no harm

    turn your guns to plowshares and trust…trust.. trust

    you have nothing to fear .


  2. May we take it, then, that Shelly is justifying the assassination of James Forrestal–which is what the article is about–on those grounds?

  3. Mr. Martin, I am currently reading your book about the assassination of James Forrestal. It’s an interesting read. You write that if Henry Wallace had been VP and not Truman when FDR died, South Korea would be Communist. So what? Do you believe the Korean War was a good idea?

    1. So what? Do you have any notion of what life is like in North Korea? Would you really be content for that to be the normal fare for the people of South Korea? Check out my review of Hyeonseo Lee’s book at Had Truman followed Forrestal’s advice there would have been no Korean War because the country would have not been divided in the first place; the Communists would never have gained a foothold. The Soviet Union had done nothing to defeat the Japanese and none of the spoils of victory should have been theirs.

    2. I believe that life has been far better for the people living in South Korea than for those living in North Korea since the country was unfortunately divided. Had Forrestal been heeded, Japan would have surrendered before the Soviet Union had entered the war against the Japanese and all of Korea would have remained out of the Communist camp.

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