Scarce News on Admiral Stearney’s Death

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If you are a regular reader of The Jerusalem Post you would have learned on December 1 that the top officer for all U.S. Navy operations in the Middle East, Vice Admiral Scott Stearney, had been found dead in his home in Bahrain. The Reuters wire story that The Jerusalem Post was simply passing on was an official statement from U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, John Richardson. The statement gave no cause of death or any other information except to assure us that foul play was not suspected.

If you get your news from The Washington Post, on the other hand, you wouldn’t even know that much, right up to the time that I am penning this report. Try searching “Scott Stearney Washington Post” and see what you get. Nothing comes up related to his death, no matter what search engine you use. Can one think of a greater reason to be suspicious of Admiral Stearney’s death than that? Surely The Post must know that the death of this very important man, who had some 20,000 subordinates, is newsworthy. If it were clearly of natural causes or the result of an accident, could there be any doubt that they would have at least reported it? At the same time the death is so mysterious that the Navy feels obligated to volunteer that there couldn’t have been any foul play involved.

So what was the cause of the Admiral’s death? On the next day, December 2, The Washington Times prepared us by telling us that it was “likely a suicide” according to reports, CBS and lots of other news organs then nailed it down with the old familiar “apparent suicide” mantra. (That’s the other “David Martin” who contributed to the CBS report.)

So what was it about the death that has satisfied the Navy and the Bahrain police that there was no foul play and that suicide is the most apparent cause? Was there a suicide note? Had Stearney indicated any signs of depression? By what manner did Stearney take his own life? Did he shoot himself through the mouth into the head like they tell us Vince Foster did or twice in the head as they say Gary Webb did? Did he shoot himself in the chest, as they say Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda did? Did he slice his wrists and bleed to death in his bathtub, like they tell us Danny Casalaro did? Did he hang himself as they say Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “DC Madam,” did? Did he leap to his death as they say James Forrestal and Gus Weiss and Frank Olson did?

Three weeks have now passed and not one of these basic questions has been answered. Even worse, no one in our supposedly fierce and aggressive press is even asking them, from all indications. Number one in the Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression seems to be the order of the day. They’re all just dummying up.

Trump’s Boorda?

In a very recent previous article, we suggested that pharmaceutical executive turned Health and Human Services executive, Daniel Best, tasked with trying to get national drug prices down, might well be called Trump’s Vince Foster because he had been found mysteriously dead and they were calling it an “apparent suicide.” Boorda’s death came almost three years after Foster’s. Stearney’s death is right on the heels of Best’s, but otherwise, one might well call Stearney “Trump’s Mike Boorda.” Some folks on Twitter have taken exception to my first comparison, saying that there is no indication that Trump had anything to do with Best’s death. But there’s no evidence that I know of that Bill Clinton—or Hillary Clinton—had anything to do with Foster’s death, either. To be sure, as Harry Truman used to say, the buck stops in the president’s office, but that saying fits Trump just as well as it fits Clinton.

Most of all, all four deaths fairly reek of cover-up, and as with the first two, the press, with its utter lack of curiosity, is into the cover-up right up to its eyeballs. One hardly knows whether to call it irony or effrontery that, near its death rattle, Time magazine has just designated the press collectively the Person of the Year, the noble “guardians” of the truth.

Since the military had complete control of the Boorda matter, we learned less about it than we did in the case of Foster. They told us that he had written two suicide notes, but we were never allowed to see either of them, and that didn’t seem to bother the press at all. No autopsy was released, but they did say that he had shot himself in the chest, a most unusual means of committing suicide. They didn’t say that he was depressed, as they described Foster, but they told us that he was bothered over having been caught wearing medals to which he was not entitled, presenting us with a reason for suicide that was even stranger than the means by which they said he did it.

When the reason offered for an important person’s mysterious and violent death doesn’t make any sense, it is natural that people would look for other possible reasons. I didn’t learn of any other possible ones at the time for Boorda, but here are some that I have discovered recently.

David Vine, in Base Nation, How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World, suggests one possible motive for murder on page 124. “It was only in the 1990s that the commanding officer in Naples, Admiral Michael Boorda, finally ordered [U.S. Navy personnel] to leave [Camorra-owned Villaggio Coppola] ‘because of the poor condition of the buildings and high crime.'”

Vine describes Campania’s Camorra as the oldest criminal organization in Italy. Though less well known than Sicily’s La Cosa Nostra, it still has an iron grip on the region, and it is no less murderous than its Sicilian counterpart. Vine hints, then, that this murderous outfit might have taken revenge on Boorda, and he directs us to this web site in which some pertinent questions are asked: An early quote we find there gets to the heart of the matter, and it applies equally to the death of Admiral Stearney at this point and likely into the future, unfortunately:

Basics: Do I personally believe that ADM Boorda committed suicide? Good question. I really don’t know how to answer that. There are not enough facts in evidence for me to answer that question with any degree of certainty. And that lack of public evidence is at the crux of the problem.

The writer sums up Part 2 of his posting this way:

Adm Boorda died for a reason, and I seriously doubt the “Vs” (military decorations) were the reason. And I don’t think it was a botched inside Navy hatchet job either.

Something’s dreadfully wrong here. If you look at all the information presented, your news nose has to be twitching as much as mine on this.

There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark and it appears to me the press has collectively backed off and cynically written off the man’s death as another Washington occurrence.

Sadly, the news noses of those whose job it is to tell us what’s going on, the supposed media watchdogs, if you will, never seemed to twitch even once, and there’s no indication that they’re twitching over Stearney’s unexplained death, either.

Into the information vacuum created by the authorities, it is only natural that we should find a lot of speculation, some theories more plausible than others, and some more genuine than others. Here’s the very first anonymous comment on the posting:

I’ve worked in Naples, Italy for less then a year and the word about Admiral Boorda out here is he was the victim of a mafia hit by the commorah. He helped land a contract with a suspected member of the mafia in building a military base called support site in gricignano Italy, I heard the navy pays a million a month just to rent the land. All the Italians here claim he was murdered.

And here is the last one: “Boorda was terminated because he opposed chemtrails…”

Perhaps we get a lot closer to the truth about Boorda’s demise in a 2014 article by Tony Bonn in The American Chronicle entitled “The Murder of Admiral Jeremy Boorda.” Bonn first mentions two popular theories for what he believes was surely a murder, the opposition to chemtrails and that he had guilty knowledge of the illegal shipment of arms to Bosnians in the Balkan War in which this country participated. Bonn’s favored explanation, though, is completed unrelated to either one. Citing a 2012 article by Glenn McDonald in that we were unable to locate, Bonn writes:

MacDonald alludes to the Kay Griggs revelations in which she, married to Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, relates that her husband was most likely involved in the Boorda murder.

Griggs goes into considerable detail about the Tailhook scandal which was a vast Marine Corps and Navy homosexual sex ring involving very senior naval personnel. We would never have assumed that to be the cause of the murder until we watched the full 8 hour interview of Kay Griggs given in 1998 in which she suggested that her husband was involved in the murder.

Griggs is vitally important to understanding how the Marine Corps and Navy work. She states that it is nearly impossible to rise to colonel / commander or above without participating in the gay sex rituals which dominate the upper reaches of the US Navy.

When the scandal broke, it was painted as a call girl / sexual harassment story, but Griggs set the record straight by pointing out that it had everything to do with extensive homosexual activities and rites.

Griggs also stated that her husband George was an assassin for the Marine Corps though it always operated under Army command. Thus her husband was involved in countless assassinations of Americans.

Boorda made the “mistake” of firing or easing into retirement too many of the individuals involved in the Tailhook operation, earning numerous powerful enemies such as General Jim Joy, General Al Gray, General Victor Krulak, General Carl Steiner, and many more senior military officers who sponsored and participated in the rituals.

Boorda hit a raw nerve in attempting to clean up the scandal and debauchery but did not know the extent of the animosity and power behind the cabal of officers committed to these practices.

While we cannot be dogmatic about the reason for his murder, we are certain that Tailhook was the root cause of his demise.

Well, we can certainly understand why our propaganda press wouldn’t want to go there, can’t we? The entire Kay Griggs interview is still on YouTube in four parts., by the way, as of December 11, is not buying the suicide explanation for Stearney, either. They’re pretty sure that it must be a murder, but they don’t even have any educated guesses as to who did it and why at this point. Curiously, rather than comparing it to Boorda’s “suicide,” they compare it to that of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, a subject about which this writer knows a good deal more than the average writer.

Stearney Death Theories

Quickly attempting to fill the information vacuum on Stearney’s death was a writer who uses the apparent pen name of “Sorcha Faal.” One can search her name on the Net and find that this person, supposedly a female, has engendered quite a high level of skepticism about the probity of her writing through the years. I can see why. It looks an awful lot like disinformation. Her conclusion is that Trump had Stearney bumped off to prevent him from starting World War III. The article is chockablock with links, giving the impression that she is documenting her charges.

December 2, 2018

Russia-Saudi Arabia Celebrate Trump “Suiciding” Top US Navy Admiral Ready To Start World War III

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An interesting Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the most significant events occurring at the 2018 G20 Buenos Aires Summit says President Putin and Saudi Arabian leader Mohammad bin Salman were both “celebratory” [праздновать] after receiving confirmation that President Trump had “eliminated” [устранить] by suicide US Navy Vice Admiral Scott A. Stearney—who as the commander of US military forces in the Middle East was singlehandedly trying to provoke World War III by his ordering a massive bombing campaign that over the past few weeks has killed at least 206 civilians, including by his using internationally outlawed white phosphorous bombs—but whose reign of terror is now over after he was discovered, just hours ago, dead by a gunshot wound to his head at his home on the US military base in Bahrain—that caused Putin to personally thank Trump during an informal meeting, and US National Security Advisor to the President John Bolton to approach Yuri Ushakov, Assistant to the Russian President, and confirm that the US side would like to resume and normalize dialogue—that Foreign Minister Lavrov replied to by stating “we are ready for this as soon as our colleagues are”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

All the links I checked worked, but they hardly support the thesis. As commander-in-chief, the man ultimately responsible for putting Stearney in his position just seven months ago, Trump could just as easily removed him from the job. He hardly needed to kill the man. So much for Sorcha.

Perhaps more fruitful and honest speculation comes from a person who is as forthcoming about his identity as Sorcha Faal is reticent, former CIA agent and Marine Corps officer, Robert David Steele (not to be confused with “former” British spook, Christopher Steele, of Fusion GPS dossier infamy). One can download his 12-page résumé at the Huffington Post. (One wonders if, in the years of overlap of CIA and Marine Corps, his Marine Corps associates, including his superiors, knew of his divided loyalty.) Here is Steele’s contribution:

UPDATE: My intentional provocation produced two push-packs, both equally credible:

01 [Admiral Stearney] was “suicided” (assassinated) because he was going forward with a false flag approved by Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Trump team got to him in time to stop it and message JSC (?). Sidebar: US Navy operation, Zionist preoccupied in Syria.

02 He was not assassinated by Bahreini at direction of ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), but rather “suicided” by a JSOG (Joint Special Operations Group) specialist (they are still responsive to Dick Cheney via COG channels) inserted into his special protection detail). Sidebar: JSOG is ready to abandon Dick Cheney & the Cabal, the SEALS that died over a false Bin Laden and were then culled after the fact are not forgotten.

I have no direct knowledge. What I do know, rooted in a blessed life, is that a false flag is planned that frames Iran for an attack on the US Navy; the US Navy has not cleaned house within 5th Fleet; we are still vulnerable to treason within the 5th Fleet.

All of this is separate from the Zionist and Saudi Arabian false flag chemical attacks being offered within Syria.

I have been reminded that President Barack Obama was obliged to fire a prior Admiral in the Middle East for planning precisely the same false flag operation.

I am reminded that Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Jeremy M. Boorda was suicided (murdered), with a Deep State / Zionist media cover story over unauthorized medal pins. The story was false — every time an IG inspection is held — and Boorda went through many of them — there is a specific focus on medals and the officers are the first to be examined.

I, for one, am somewhat receptive to the idea that Stearney’s unexplained death might be related to some very dangerous nefarious event in the works. We just don’t know what it is, yet. That is precisely the sort of speculation in which I engage in the article, “Was Katharine Graham Killed for 9/11?” She suffered multiple skull fractures supposedly from a fall on a sidewalk in Sun Valley, Idaho, in mid-July 2001. We have never been told if anyone witnessed the fall and if she was alone when she fell, who discovered her. “Democracy Dies in Darkness” proclaims The Washington Post on its masthead these days, but they never really told us anything about their own publisher’s death.

Similarly, Ernest Hemingway and Phil Graham were very influential friends of President John F. Kennedy. Both died by shotgun, Hemingway in the summer of 1961, Graham in the summer of 1963. They say Graham, Katharine’s estranged husband and Post publisher at the time, committed suicide. With Hemingway they give us a choice. It was either a suicide or an accident while cleaning his gun. Whatever the case, it was certainly convenient for Lyndon Johnson and the authorities that these two were out of the way when JFK was taken out in November of 1963. And before that, convenient suspicious political deaths had been going on with much greater frequency than most people realize.

Press Getting Worse

Comparing what we were able to learn about Vince Foster’s death to that of Mike Boorda, we could say that it was because the military is simply secretive by nature. But have a look at the reporting on the Best and the Stearney deaths. It’s likely that we’ve actually heard the end of it, but at least the Navy told us that Stearney’s death is being investigated. We weren’t even told that in Best’s case, and the press with its silence seems to be quite satisfied.

What we see going on appears to be the continuation of something that I reflected upon in a 2014 article entitled, “Anonymous CIA Official Dies Violently”:

Noticing the change in the reporting from Foster to [John] Millis to Weiss to “John Doe” we also see a very disturbing trend. They keep telling us less and less. Looking back on it, they’re probably kicking themselves now for even giving out the names of the previous high-level sufferers of premature death, including Admiral Jeremy Boorda, former CIA head William Colby, and State Department official John Kokal. If the trend continues, will they even tell us in the future when someone important has died, suspiciously or otherwise? Maybe the policy started back in 2005, or even earlier, and we just didn’t know about it. It was only in doing research for this article that we discovered Wayne Madsen’s report of another State Department “suicide” in 2005 in which the victim’s name was apparently never reported.

I wasn’t far off the mark. From all indications, The Washington Post has not yet told its readers that either Daniel Best or Admiral Scott Stearney is dead.

David Martin December 21, 2018


I have been alerted to the fact that the Google search for “Scott Stearney Washington Post” turns up the following URL: The headline article there is “Alaska buildings were prepared to withstand quake.” It is under the National news roundup category, though, and if you scroll down you find the following short item:

Senior U.S. admiral found dead in Bahrain: The admiral overseeing U.S. naval forces in the Middle East was found dead at his residence in Bahrain, the Navy said Saturday, adding that foul play was not suspected. Vice Adm. Scott Stearney was commander of the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet. The Navy did not specify the cause of death.

The thrust of the article is hardly changed by this discovery. This is just that first very sketchy report, and it’s pretty well buried away. If The Post were not, in effect, hiding this story from the public a search using those terms would generate a number of hits, and one would think that at least one of them would be a prominent article.

David Martin December 22, 2018

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