The Most Under-Reported Big News Story

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It’s definitely Tara Reade’s defection.  One has to be a real news hound even to know that Joe Biden’s accuser has taken refuge in Russia.

This looks like a very rational decision on Reade’s part to me.  The very light reporting given to her allegations all along was a very bad sign for her, suggesting that she would never get any protection from our nation’s molders of public opinion.  One could imagine reading about her unfortunate “suicide” almost any day.  Had Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “DC Madam,” demonstrated Reade’s prudence, she would, in all likelihood, be alive and well today.

While on the subject of underreported defections to Russia, we should not forget about John Mark Dougan, who used to have a Wikipedia page.  He seems to be happy with his decision and has recently done some very powerful reporting from Ukraine.  I’ll bet Julian Assange wishes that he had followed the Dougan-Snowden-Reade route.

And I’m old enough to remember when defectors came to this country from the Soviet Union in search of safety.  Unfortunately, they didn’t always get it.

David Martin

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