Bolshevik Lives Matter

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MHB Report
(September 11, 2020)

The communist revolutionary narrative playing out in the US today by way of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and ultimately their wealthy benefactors, has taken place numerous times throughout the world over the past two centuries. In most every instance the plan for wide scale political and social destabilization uses an aggrieved minority to inflict terror and destruction against established social, economic and political majorities and ways of life.

Along these lines Russia and China’s communist revolutions resulted in wide scale religious persecution of Christians. After several months of destabilization and the approaching presidential election the US may be dangerously on the brink of civil war.

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2 Thoughts to “Bolshevik Lives Matter”

  1. Michael McC

    The Bolsheviks were all Jews.
    We have to stop them from destroying the Middle East and Iran.

  2. Ken

    Police brutality was either on the rise or being highlighted. The military nature of our police forces, the overuse of less-lethal weaponry, military style presence on our streets in the forms of advertised drills… all preceded what we experience now.

    We must take a look back at everything in terms of what preceded these sorts of events in order to see the planning. It’s obvious if you look.

    Yahoo “news” restricted comments, because it exposed the massive opposition to the lies they promulgated. All done for civil order, or something like that. Then a plandemic, mail in ballots and poof, you have a clearly stolen election.

    Not that trump is a savior, he was not and think he meant to be in this position so we would fight against the current nazis, if for no other reason than self-identification for future targeting. No, the election was stolen, deliberately, to subdue us by our own self-made nazis.

    Liberals, they think of themselves, are now in the business of stifling dissent, which in this case is the truth being masked by disabling comment on lies. How “liberal” is that and do they not see they are the nazis?

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