The Creation of ‘White Supremacy’

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The term “white supremacy” so prevalent in recent news and political events has been decades in the making. Its origins lie in 1940s-era social scientific research targeting conservative American culture and values.

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2 Thoughts to “The Creation of ‘White Supremacy’”

  1. Richard Rowland

    This description is bullshit! Bloviating about white supremacy is a tactic of the globalist. The globalists are promoting conflict between the races, economic disparities, and immigration to fracture society.

    Also, the effort to place whites in the minority as rapidly as possible is part of the globalist strategy. Same-sex marriage and transgender perversion are being used to demoralize and destroy the sense of nationalism among the people is their goal.

    1. Not quite sure if I understand, much less agree with, the remark.

      A very helpful overview of some of what we attempt to explain in the video is available here:

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