You’re worshiping the wrong Jew!

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Last year, in my presence, the great Vietnamese-American writer Linh Dinh made a funny quip about the Communists oppressing Christians. He characterized it thusly:

You’re worshipping the wrong Jew!

For Linh, replacing Christianity with communism amounted to replacing one Jew (Jesus) with another (Marx). I didn’t really think this was something so serious, but meant more whimsically. That was how I perceived it at the time, but since then, I actually started to muse over whether maybe there is some weird facet of the goyische psychology that makes them want to worship some Jew or another. (Could that be?)

Over the last few months, Ron Unz, the publisher of the eponymous Unz Review wrote a series of articles that broke various taboos. He started with the Kennedy assassination, moved on to the dreaded JQ (Jewish Question), culminating in a pretty honest treatment of Holocaust Revisionism, and then, to top things off, he wrote a piece on 9/11 Truth.

These articles are, in my opinion, of rather patchy quality. As far as I can see, the reason they received so much over-the-top praise was simply because it is so rare (or even unheard of) for any Establishment sort of figure to break these taboos.

Another odd aspect is the question of timing. What is behind Unz’s sudden epiphany on these third rail issues he had been avoiding for so long? In any case, people who show up very late to a party usually do not get the best food and drink. Whether Christopher Columbus really “discovered” America may already be dubious, but it is safe to say that he would not be so celebrated if he had sailed the ocean blue… in 1942. I find it a curious phenomenon that Unz would receive this amount of adulation for dealing with these questions truthfully so many years after other people did the heavy lifting.

Well, who ever said that life was fair, eh?

Well, again, most of this is surely because people in these various Truth communities are so desperate to have some sort of Establishment backing or recognition. People get all excited and don’t ask the obvious questions about what this person’s agenda is. Now, of the four Jews pictured above, Ron Unz is the only one with whom I have had any personal contact. (Various evangelical Christians have recommended that I have a personal relationship with the first one, but I have so far declined.) I cannot say I know Ron Unz well, mind you. I never met him or even talked with him on the phone; it was all email. Still, based on my personal dealings with him (which I probably will detail more at length separately) I think people should be wary of this person. Ron Unz reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson’s famous quip about Richard Nixon: “He is so crooked he has to screw on his pants in the morning.”

Recently, it occurred to me that all the fawning over Ron Unz in the more alt-right sphere (see here and here for some examples) is a more alt-right counterpart to the Chomsky worship on the left.

Far be it from me to say which Jew the Goyim should worship. It is a personal choice after all. I would just remind people that there is the option of not worshiping any Jew. Maybe the most radical option is not to hero worship anybody at all!

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