Google, Tool of the Deep State

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Was Vince Foster’s Murder over Pedophilia?


The work on this article began when I recently stumbled across a quite well-made video on YouTube by an outfit called Traditionalist Tolkienist.  It had been up since February of 2020, and if you can believe YouTube’s viewer count, very few people had watched it up to that point.  I began to wonder how the excellent video had remained so obscure for more than a year, so, as a first step, I did a search using the default search engine for my Mac computer, which happens to be Google, for the video’s title, “Vince Foster: The Deep State’s Worst Murder Cover-up.”

At this point, you’ll have to take my word for it, but at the time I first did the search, the video did not come up at all on Google, no matter how many pages I scrolled through.  What did come up were lots of sites similar to YouTube’s notice under the video that point you to the well-policed Vince Foster Wikipedia page.  They steer you to conclusions diametrically opposed to what one learns from the video.  Over the past weekend, though, I was able to get Jeff Rense to tout the video on, and now, I see, the video is the fifth thing you find on Google when you search for it by name.  But why isn’t it the first?

Google still dominates the search engine market, with over 92% of total searches worldwide.  The next closest one to it is Bing, with just over 2%.  Bing is owned by Microsoft, so as Deep State partners go, we really shouldn’t expect a much fairer search from it than from Google, but, in fact, after a scattershot collection of videos supposedly related to the subject, the title video actually comes up #2 on Bing, which is about as close to the result of an honest search as one is likely to get.

The next one to try is Yahoo, with 1.5% of the market worldwide.  What you get is the same thing as you get with Bing.

The next two, Baidu and YANDEX are foreign, so we skip over them to DuckDuckGo, with a meager .59% of the search market.  At the top of its results, it’s identical to Bing and Yahoo.  Only as you scroll down do you notice that the other cited materials are more closely in accord with the conclusions of the subject video.  Taken all in all, though, we may conclude that in terms of fairness and accuracy, it’s the dominant search engine, Google, versus the world, and the world is on the losing end.

Those search results made me wonder about how searches for some other cutting-edge articles of mine, mainly related to the Foster case, might fare.

The Central Importance of the Foster Murder

At this point, a small digression is in order.  There are many indications, apart from how carefully the Vince Foster Wikipedia page is policed, and the obligatory direction of YouTube to that page under every one of its videos related to the subject, that there is a larger significance to this matter than just the violent death of this one White House official.  After all, Brett Kavanaugh, the man who performed Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s primary cover-up chores, of which the Clintons and the Democrats were ostensibly the primary beneficiaries, was later made a federal judge by President George W. Bush and then a Supreme Court Justice by President Donald Trump.  Kavanaugh was recommended for that latter position by the man who masqueraded as the primary critic of the government in the case, Christopher Ruddy.  Ruddy, in turn, has been made rich and fairly famous as the CEO of Newsmax and has become a crony of not just Trump, but of Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well.  Another member of Starr’s staff, John Bates was also made a federal judge by President Bush.  Bush made another Starr staffer, Alex Azar, general counsel of the Department of Health and Human Services, where he was in the right position to see to it that the investigation of the anthrax attacks didn’t wander off track.  Then, President Trump made Azar the Secretary of Health and Human Services just in time for the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Solomon Wisenberg was another member of Starr’s staff.  As Wikipedia puts it, “Since the launch of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in May 2017, Wisenberg has made numerous media appearances on NBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, and in the New York TimesWall Street Journal and other national publications.”  Fans of Fox’s Laura Ingraham will recognize him immediately.

For the Senate Whitewater Committee, which looked into the Foster death, the lead Republican counsel was Michael Chertoff and the lead Democratic counsel was Richard Ben-Veniste.  Chertoff was head of the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice at the time of the events of 9/11 and he succeeded Tom Ridge in 2005 to become the second Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.  Ben-Veniste, who first rose to prominence working for the Watergate special prosecutor, was later appointed to the 9/11 Commission.

Comparing the Search Engines

Now, let’s see what we find when we search for my May 2017 article, “Seth Rich Equals Vince Foster?”  Perhaps I overlooked it when I first searched for it on Google, but now the fourth thing that comes up is a Russian site’s copy of the article.  I didn’t know that I had fans in Russia, but I suppose the clever folks at Google think this is a good way to taint the evidence that I present. Only when you scroll to the second page do you get Archive 5 of my home page, which lists the article among quite a few others.  With Bing, by contrast, my article on my own web site is the first thing that comes up.  Nowhere can you find the version that appeared on the Russian web site.  With Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, it’s the same thing, which really seems to be what any honestly constructed algorithm would come up with.  DuckDuckGo, with its tiny percentage of the search market, stands out in one way in this instance, though.  The other related articles that appear get you pretty quickly into the Deep State’s nefarious world.  To take one example, we find there the very latest developments related to “The Strange Death of Philip Haney,” very nearly the last thing that the folks at Google would want you to learn about.  Another intriguing site that comes up on DuckDuckGo also happens to come up with the Bing search, which we shall talk about later.

Next, we try the March 2017 article, “Where’s the Press on Vince Foster’s Death?”  What Google gives you, for the most part, is nothing but a big blizzard of pro-suicide propaganda sites.  Only when scrolling to the sixth page of listed web sites do we find my article as published on the popular libertarian web site,   Of some interest is the fact that at the bottom of the first search page, Google steers us to Chris Ruddy’s C-Span presentation on the Foster case, playing his youthful role as the leading critic of the government in the Foster case.  The presentation is thoroughly damning of the government investigation.  Unlike me, though, Ruddy pulls his punches when it comes to criticism of the press.  That should have been a pretty good clue at the time that he was not genuine…and the fact that his book, The Strange Death of Vincent Foster, was published by the Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster.

With Bing and Yahoo, the first thing that comes up is the version of my article, followed by some hard-hitting critical videos on the Foster death.  The only difference with DuckDuckGo is the order of the web sites, with the videos first and my article on second.

The next article we search for, as its title would indicate, could easily be construed as more incriminating of President Trump than of the Democrats, lest we think that the Deep State and the Democrats were nearly synonymous, and that Google is just a Democratic Party organ.  That is my November 2018 article, “Daniel Best: Trump’s Vince Foster?”  Once again, Google provides its usual volley of Foster-killed-himself web sites.  None of them have anything to do with the key title character, Daniel Best.  Only at the bottom of the second search page does my article come up, as published on Heresy Central.  With Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo, by contrast, that web site is the first thing that comes up, which is clearly what should be the case with a non-agenda-driven, honest search engine.

Google at Its Worst on Charlottesville

At this point we take a little detour to have a look at the search results for what I think is one of my most revealing articles, one which has nothing to do with Vince Foster’s death.  That is my September 2017 article, “The Charlottesville Operation.”  After perusing the fifth page of Google’s search results looking for the article, I gave up.

With Bing, the article as it appears on my web site, is the first thing that comes up.  The second thing to appear is the same article as published on Jim Fetzer’s web site.  The seventh is the article as it appears on Heresy Central, and the eighth is Kevin Barrett’s interview of me concerning the article, also accessed through Heresy Central.  The contrast with Google could hardly be starker.  Unlike Google, Bing also steers readers to other articles that reach similar conclusions to mine, that is, that what happened in Charlottesville at the protest over the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee from a public park was really quite different from what we have been told by the press.

But then, perhaps Yahoo deserves the award for the greatest contrast with Google.  With Yahoo, “The Charlottesville Operation” article occupies the first three places in their search, first on the Exploring Real History web site, then on Fetzer’s page, and then on Heresy Central.  The Barrett interview comes up on their second page, but that’s a bit redundant, because the Heresy Central version of the article links to the Barrett interview right at the top of the page.  The Yahoo search also brings up a number of articles pointing to the same conclusions that I reach in my article.  With DuckDuckGo, the results are much the same, revealing very clearly that the dominant search engine, Google, is engaging in a quite conscious cover-up of this topic.


This brings us to our final search, for the December 2016 article, “Was Vince Foster’s Murder PizzaGate-Related?”  It’s particularly good as an evaluator of the usefulness of a search engine, because it’s more than an article title but just the sort of question that an inquisitive person my pose to a search engine.  How helpful, one might ask, is the search engine in steering the person to an answer to the question?

Actually, my article turns up in fourth place with the Google search, but it is very lonesome there, indeed.  Most of what comes up is an almost frantic litany of articles denying that there could possibly be anything to those leaked John Podesta emails that could hardly be interpreted any other way than as references to acts of pedophilia.

With Bing, fitting the pattern of the previous articles, “Was Vince Foster’s Murder PizzaGate-Related?” is the first thing that comes up.  As with Google, though, it’s out of step, generally, with virtually all the other hits.  It’s almost the same with Yahoo, with my article #1, but awfully lonesome with the company it’s in, with this one exception on the first page, “The Vince Foster Case: 101 Peculiarities Surrounding the Death of Vincent Foster” in the Progressive Review. It’s a solid examination of the case, but it predates the Pizzagate matter, so there’s nothing in it about pedophilia.  DuckDuckGo is generally the same as Bing and Yahoo, although if you scroll long enough you’ll come across “Vince Foster Murder Evidence Released,” from Scoop, a web site based in New Zealand.  Like the Progressive Review article, it’s solid on the Foster case, but it came out in 2003, so it long predates any Pizzagate revelations and has nothing to do with pedophilia.

For that subject, we now return to the previously referenced web site that turned up on DuckDuckGo and also on Bing when we searched “Seth Rich Equals Vince Foster.”  The article is intriguingly titled, “The Doorknob Sacrifices; A Black-Sun Ritual: 12 Celebrity ‘Suicides’ related to Pedophilia Cover-up.”  I will leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions as to whether Vince Foster might have been killed because he was believed to be a threat to reveal pedophilia in high places.  One thing is certain, you’ll never get within miles of such a subject if you’re using Google to do your online searching.

David Martin

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  1. David H Mende

    One word comes to mind. Vapid.

  2. Ralph

    With Epstein’s suicide and now Mcafee I wonder if the whole DC poser structure and msm is just one large blackmail scheme. If you look closley st least 98 percent of Democrats and msm push the exact same things. No such things as conspiacy, any thought outside of the group think is shite supremacy or a Rusian plot. So there must. e centralized. control. When Trump got in the MSM and Democrats went overboard to descredit and bla e him for everything. o there is most likely a big conspiracy.

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